Editing your theme

A theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a customizer.

You can apply one theme per MyCustomizer account. At the moment, only one MyCustomizer theme, called "Barebones", is available.

The theme editor is a tool for changing and previewing theme settings in real-time. To access it, click on Theme editor form the left side menu. Here are the styles you can edit in the Barebones theme :


Background color

Customizer title

Customizer title font Customizer title font color Customizer title background color

Step title

Step title font Step title font color Step title background color Step title background hover color


Summary font Summary font color

Choice panel

Choice panel body font Choice panel body font color Choice panel body background color Choice panel borders color Choice panel borders thickness


Unselected option border color Unselected option border thickness Selected option border color Selected option border thickness

Add to cart

Add to cart font Add to cart font color Add to cart background color Add to cart background hover color


Switch arrow icon color Switch arrow icon hover color Switch view dot icon color Selected switch view dot icon color Zoom icon color Share icon color

Editing a color

To edit a color, click on the colored circle next to the style you would like to modify. You can use the color picker, enter a HEX or RGB code.

Editing fonts

To edit a font, select it from the dropdown menu. You can choose between any of the Google Fonts.

Editing border thickness

To edit border thickness, enter the value in pixels.