Adding a product to Shopify

You need to create a starting point, essentially a version of your customizable product to add it to your Shopify Online Store.

Creating a starting point

A starting point is a default design that your customers will start with. This feature allows your clients to start their customization experience from a design they like.

You can create as many starting points as you want and you can edit or delete them as well.

Once you have completed the setup of your product, you can create a new starting point by clicking on the NEW STARTING POINT button in your product page.

Enter a name for your starting point, this will be your product name in Shopify.

Select options that you want your customers to start with.

Once you are satisfied with your design, click on Create, you will then have a new starting point.

Adding the starting point to an online store

To add a starting point to your online store, click on ADD A STARTING POINT, within the online store where you want to add the product. Then, select the starting point and click on ADD TO ONLINE STORE.

A new product will be automatically created in your Shopify online store. Its name will be the same as your starting point name.

Viewing your product in Shopify

To start selling your product will need to go inside your Shopify account and make your product available on your Online Store Sale channel.

To quickly access your Shopify product from MyCustomizer, you can click on the more icon and View in Shopify.

Stop selling a product

To stop selling a product, click on the more icon (see above) and click on Stop Selling. This will delete your product in Shopify.

Displaying a product description under your customizer

To display a product description under your customizer, you can add content to the Description field in your Shopify product page. To display this content, copy the following code to product.mczr.liquid under the mczrLoader div.

{% if product.description != blank %}
<div class="description" itemprop="description">
{{ product.description | split: '<!-- split -->' | first }}
{% endif %}

Please note that the description will not be visible on mobile because of the full-screen user experience.

Making a product available to your clients from your online store channel

Make sure your product is available through the online store channel :