A text is used when you want to allow the end-user to write or display predefined text on a product.

For example on a T-Shirt you could have 2 different texts: Front text and Back text.

Adding a text

To add a text, log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to your product page and click on BUILD.

On the left side of the screen under the PRODUCT tab, click on the ADD button, then click on Text.


The name of your text part.

Example: Front text


If you want the end-user to selects a predefined value in a list and have it displayed on the product, you can enter these values under Text.

Example: A list of names on the back of a hockey jersey.


A list of fonts that are available for a text part.

Example: Roboto, Arial, Comic Sans


The name of your font. This will be displayed in the choice panel.

Production code (optional)

You can optionally add a production code. This value is be displayed on the order sheet but is not visible to the end-user.

Font formats

For each font you want to offer, you can upload TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 files. If you are mostly targeting users with modern browsers, you can only use WOFF and WOFF2 formats. If you want to expand support as wide as possible, then upload OTF and TTF files as well.


You can upload an image that will be used as a thumbnail to represent the font in the choice panel. If you do not upload a thumbnail image, a thumbnail will be automatically generated using your font and font name.

Autogenerated font thumbnails


A list of the available colors for this text.

Example: Black, Green, Purple

Font sizes

A list of font sizes available for this text.

Example: Small (20px), Medium (30px), Large (55px)

Size and position

Use this tool to place your text on the product.

Show on view

Uncheck this box if your text should not be displayed on a view.


Select this option if you want your text to follow a path. Your path can be straight or arched. Move arround the dots to edit your path.

A straight path
An arched path

If the text entered by the end-user is longer than the path, the text will be automatically scale down when it reaches the end points of the path.



When the end-user's mouse is hovering over the text, the rest of the product will fade out.

Highlight group

When hovering over any part of a Highlight group, every part of this group will be highlighted.


Multiply blends the text with the image under it.


Your text will be masked if it goes out of the selected components. For example the word "BLENDING" is partially hidden because blending was activated for the palm component.

Blending example