A text is used when you want to allow your customers to write or choose between predefined text to display on the product.

Adding a text

To add a text, when in the builder, click on the + button on the left and then click on Text.

You will be prompted to enter a name for your new text.

The text name will also be used as the question title in the Question Panel.

Choosing between personalized text or predefined values

You can either let your customers write their own personalized text on the product or choose between preset values.

Use the Text input section to choose between those options: Text input allows personalized text.

Dropdown allows you to offer predefined values.

Styling your text

Use the Font, Color, and Fonts size sections to style your text to match your real product.

You can create questions from all of these settings by clicking on the Create ... question buttons.

Positioning the text on the product

Under Size and position, when you click on EDIT , you can move and resize your text on the product.


Toggle off Show text in this view if your text should not be displayed on a view.


Select this option for single line texts. You can also create a curved path by selecting the curved option. Use the purple circles at each end of the path to move it.

A straight path
A curved path

If the text entered by the end-user is longer than the path, the text will be automatically scaled down when it reaches the end points of the path.

Masking your text

To prevent your text from spilling from certain parts of your product you can use the Mask setting.

Select all the components for which you want the text to be confined to and it will mask all the text that spill out of those components.

The "BLENDING" text is masked to confine it to the Palm component.


Multiply blends the text with the image under it.

Display settings


When the end-user's mouse is hovering over the part, the rest of the product will fade out.

Force highlight

The component will be automatically highlighted when the client opens a question related to it.

Highlight group

When hovering over any part of a focusable group, every part of the group will be highlighted.