A rule is a conditional statement allowing you to force or restrict options choices according to other options choices. It is useful to identify specific combinations of designs that should not exist.

Rules are created from natural language sentences that can look like :

When helmet material is red then helmet strap material should not be red.

Adding a rule

To add a rule, log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to your product page and click on BUILD, click on the Rules icon, the click on click on ADD RULE.

The Rules icon

Editing rules

To edit a rule, hover over the rule and click on the Edit icon.

Edit icon

Deleting a rule

To delete a rule, hover over the rule and click on the X icon.

Renaming components linked to rules

If you rename a part, text, logo or option that is linked to one or more rule, the rules will be modified with the updated name.

Filtering through rules

If your product has many rules, it can be useful to use the filter to display only the rules related to what you typed in the filter.