A Question is something that you want your customers to answer and will appear in the Question Panel.

Adding a question

To add a component, when in the builder, click on the + button on the left and then click on Question.

You will be prompted to enter a name for your new question.

Use this method for simple questions like product size or delivery time, otherwise, you can create questions from your component, text and logos.

Component, text and logos are also questions by default. You can also create other question types like colors, font size and so much more.

The question input

For each question you can choose between multiple 3 input type, this will change how the question is presented to your customers. Try them out and see what's best for you!

  1. Thumbnail buttons

  2. Dropdown

  3. Radio buttons

Adding a description

If you want to give more details to your customers about a question, simply check the description checkbox and enter the description in the text area that will appear. You should see the description appear instantly in your Question Panel.

The question settings

Summary: activate this so for this question to be displayed in the design summary.

Summary is also used by your ecommerce cart. (This may change in the future...)

Hide when empty: activate this to hide the question from the Question Panel when there is no available answer.

Tip: use alongside rules to decide if you want to display the question with a message or hide it when it has no available answers.

The Ordersheet settings

Show in Ordersheet: activate this if you want the answer to this questions to be displayed in your ordersheet. By default every question is displayed in the ordersheet.

Production code: check this box to enter a production code. The production code will replace the answer in the ordersheet.