Importing colors, images or options

Once you have added images, colors or options, you can import them in other components. This way, you can reuse these values instead of reentering them.

Importing a value

To import a color, image or option, log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to your product page and click on BUILD.

On the left side of the screen, under the PRODUCT tab, select the component, text or option to which you want to import a color. Click on ADD IMAGE, ADD TEXT or ADD VALUE and then click on Import.

The imported value will be linked to the original value. If you edit any of them, both will be updated. If you archive any of them, both will be archived.

Importation order

When selecting values to import, the order in which you select them will determine the order in which they are imported.

Copying a value

If you click on Copy, the copied value will not be linked to the original value. If you edit the copied value, the original value will not change.

Unlinking a value

If you have imported a value and you want to edit it without modifying the other linked values, you can unlink it. To do so, click on the more icon, and the click on Unlink. This will create a copy of this value.