Components are the main building blocks of a product and are used to visually render it.

For example a T-Shirt could be represented as four components: Label, Collar, Sleeves and Hem.

Components of a T-Shirt

Adding a component

To add a component, when in the builder, click on the + button on the left and then click on Component.

You will be prompted to enter a name for your new component.

The component name will also be used as the Question title in the Question Panel.

Adding images to a component

Once you created your component you can now add your images! There are 2 ways to do that: 1. The quick way: drag all the view images of your component in the droppable zone, this will automatically create your image and place all the different views according to the order you selected your images on your computer.

2. The longer way: click on the + ADD IMAGE button, this will open a panel where you can then upload view by view your images for this component.

Add more than one image to your component to allow your customers to choose between them! For example for a Sleeve component you could add a Long sleeve and a short Sleeve

Configuring the question

Once you added multiple images you can configure the question in the same panel.

Learn more about configuring your questions

Coloring your images

If you use discolored images you can apply color on them directly in MyCustomizer.

To do that, simply scroll to the color section and click on the round icon. This will open a small pop up where you can pick a color and see the result instantly.

Offering many colors

Offer more than one color choice to your customers by clicking on Create color question, this will open a panel for you to add more colors and they will be instantly available in the Question Panel.

Display settings


When the end-user's mouse is hovering over the part, the rest of the product will fade out.

Force highlight

The component will be automatically highlighted when the client opens a question related to it.

Highlight group

When hovering over any part of a focusable group, every part of the group will be highlighted.