Components are the main building blocks of a product and are used to visually render it.

For example a T-Shirt could be represented as three components: Front, Back, Sleeves.

A component can contain multiple images, for example the component Sleeves could have these image variations: Short sleeves and Long sleeves.

Adding a component

To add a component, log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to your product page and click on BUILD.

On the left side of the screen under the PRODUCT tab, click on the ADD button, then click on Component.


The name is used as a way for you to quickly identify your component.

Example: Sleeves


A list of images available for this component.

Example: Short sleeves, Long sleeves

If you have colors or materials images of a component, you can also upload them. For example: Red short sleeves, Blue short sleeves.

Make sure that all your images have the same size.


A list of colors available for this component.



When the end-user's mouse is hovering over the part, the rest of the product will fade out.

Force highlight

The component will be automatically highlighted when the client opens a question related to it.

Highlight group

When hovering over any part of a focusable group, every part of the group will be highlighted.