A color is defined by a HEX or RGB code and is used to colorize a discolored component or text.

Instead of creating multiple images for every color you are offering, you can simply discolor your image and apply colors dynamically on it.

Adding a color

To add a color, log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to your product page and click on BUILD.

On the left side panel, click on one of your components or text. The properties of this element will appear on the right side panel.

Under the Colors section, click on the + icon, then click on Create. Add a color by using the color picker, or by typing a HEX or RGB code.

You can also Import colors you previously created.

Color details


The name of your color.

Example: Blue

Production code (optional)

You can optionally add a production code. This value will be displayed on the ordersheet but is not visible to your customers.

Example: Blue-PMS-641

Thumbnail (optional)

You can upload an image that will be used as a thumbnail to represent the color in the choice panel. If you do not upload a thumbnail image, a thumbnail will be automatically generated using your color code.

Hex color codes

The HTML color code of your color.

Example: 0000FF

RGB color code

The Red-Green-Blue color code of your color.

Example: 0,0,255

Dynamic lighting

Use dynamic lighting to modify the finish of your material. It can help making a material look glossy or matte.

Red laces without dynamic lighting
Red laces with dynamic lighting

Light strength

A higher value will render whiter, more intense lighting.


Light amount

A higher value will render more light on your component.