Managing products

In the Products page, you can see all of your products, sorted by time of modification.

Creating a new product

To add a new product, click on + NEW PRODUCT.

Renaming a product

You can rename a product by clicking on its name in the product page.

Filtering through your products

To find a product, you can enter its name in the “Search products” bar.

Duplicating a product

To duplicate a product, place your cursor on the product card, click on the “more” icon and choose the option “Duplicate”. This will create a copy of your product under the name “Copy of [product name]”.

Archiving a product

Archiving a product removes it from your online stores. To archive a product, click on the “more” icon and select “Archive”. You will be asked to confirm your choice, if you still want to archive your product, select “Archive” again. You will notice that the product does not appear in your online store anymore and that it is now listed in the “Archived” tab.

Restoring a product

Restoring a product makes an archived product available again in your online store. To restore a product, click on the “Archived” products list, place your cursor on the product that you want to restore and click on “more” icon; then click on “Restore”.