Obtaining order or design details using the API

In order to access orders information within MyCustomizer Rest API, you must generate an API key. The key should be used as by JWT specification.

In the left side bar, click on your account name, then click on "Account Settings" and "API keys". Click on "New Key" and under permissions, check :

- Access content of orders - Access content of designs

You can then copy your API Key. Like passwords, API keys should remain a secret.

As an example, an HTTP header with a fake JWT :Authorization: Bearer veyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9...

Orders should be fetched first using the Orders API. For each design (a line item) in an order, it then has to be fetched using the Designs API. All the API endpoints return representations in JSON format.

The company name should be provided in all the API URLs when {companyname} is specified.

Orders API

GET https://api.mycustomizer.com/brands/{companyname}/orders




(default: 25)


orderId | date (default: orderId)


ascending | descending (default: descending)

Each item or an order have a design ID that should be provided to the Designs API.

Designs API

GET https://api.mycustomizer.com/brands/{companyname}/designs/:id

Interesting fields

  • productName

  • price

  • productionData

    • key: the product’s part name followed by the option type

    • value: the production code