Access the API with a token

Access our API endpoints using API token is now possible when you generate it.

Generating your API access key

We use JWT specifications to generate your access keys. You can read more about it on :

To generate a new API key, log into your MyCustomizer dashboard. In the left side bar, click on your account name, then click on "Account Settings" and "API keys".

Go to API keys

You can choose the desired permissions fitting your needs. Keep in mind that this cannot be changed afterwards. You can however generate as much API keys as you want.

Please note that once you've created an API token, you cannot delete it nor modify its scopes. Be VERY careful not to leak it, so please take the necessary security measures. Ex: keep it in a separate configuration instead of hardcoding it in your codebase.

Description of API key scopes :



Full read and write access

Every endpoint to our API is accessible and you can update the data

Full read access

Every GET endpoint to our API is accessible. You cannot update the data.

Access content of orders

These endpoints only are accessible : GET /orders and GET /orders/:orderId

Access content of designs

These endpoints only are accessible : GET /designs andGET /designs/:designId

You can then copy your API Key. Like passwords, API keys should remain a secret.

Use this API Key as the bearer token (Authorization header) on every request you make to our endpoint. Here's an example of a call made to GET /designs endpoint using a fake API key with Postman :