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Prepage your images
Build your product
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Prepage your images

Prepare your product images

Products are built with transparent PNG images layered on top of each other. Learn how to generate your images. [ VIDEO ] Preparing your product images for MyCustomizer

Need help to generate your images?

Simply provide us with your customization options and product photos or 3D models and our team can do the artwork or 3D rendering for you.

To request a quote, simply contact us at [email protected]

Build your product

Build your Product

Products are made from components, texts, logos and questions. A component (sleeves) can contain an image (the sleeves of a shirt) and color variations (black, blue, green). A component can also contain multiple image variations (short sleeves, long sleeves).

[ VIDEO ] Learn how to create a shoe builder with MyCustomizer and connect it with your Shopify account

Create your Question Panel

The Question Panel is where your customers will answer questions to customize your product.

Need help to build your Product?

Our team can set up your customizer for you. Contact our experts to discuss your project and we will provide you with a quote: [email protected].

Customize your theme

Make it fit with your branding

You can edit your theme to make your customizer match with your branding. Go to the Theme Editor to modify all the fonts, colors and other visual aspects of the user interface.

Add your product to your online store

Specify your pricing

You can set a base price in MyCustomizer and add extra prices on any answer.

Start selling!

Your customizer will be embedded within your Shopify product page. When you add a customizable product to Shopify, a product page corresponding to this product is automatically created in Shopify.

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